Well, I love that feeling when I’m under the water! When it fills my ears, embeds my body, blends with my hair, when the sounds are so far off, like when you are in a cocoon or back in a safe womb. When the fluid cuts me away from any sensations and detaches from the reality. When the vast and noisy world is somewhere away from me and I’m just floating in my own reality.

This photo shoot reminds me that feelings and gives me the sensation that I’m entering to photographer’s magical world. Where the Nymphs and mystical animals (in Japanese Shinto beliefs deers are consider to be messengers of the gods) they are existing in this world created with constellation and water bubbles. Washed over and over with warm current of emotions and submerged in slow-motion, non gravity space filled with plankton and microscopic particles.

Looking at those photographs I have that feeling that I’m somewhere between stars and deep blue ocean, in world that you want either to fly up or to dive in freely and never come back to reality.

So Chic magazine S/S 09
Photographer: Bruno Dayan
Style: Yann Weber
Models: Emma Karlsson @ IMG and Stephanie @ Viva



True Love

We're happy to present you a short backstage video from our editorial "Shine".

You can see full story HERE

Photo: Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis
Model: Kinga Trojan @ D’vision
Hair: Patryk Nadolny
Styling: Ewa Michalik
Studio Gudejko

Designers: Huzior, Mateo & Palazzo, Ila Mak, Magdalena Mól, Caprice, ALE., God Save Queens, Sandra Stachura, Black & White Bazaar, Posch1, Sterkowski, Klara Kostrzewska, Saint Body, Szczesny, Chaos, Departament Twórczości, Saffa, Tundra, wolneelektrony, MIDO, Gabriella, Vanity Nap,  KOD, 1683 atelier, Fiore.


To be an inspiration

It is the biggest compliment and a great feeling to know that your work inspires others.


Left our original photo ofMarina Nery for Vestal magazine | Right digital painting by @aykutmaykut

Left our original photo of Maria Radkovskaya | Right drawing by Gianluca Mondillo @molotovgtm

Left our original photo of Brynja Jonbjarnardottir | Right illustration by Vanessa Weuffel @vanessaweuffel



Sur un fil - new editorial for OOB magazine

New beauty editorial we have done for OOB magazine. It is already issue number 8 and we were extremely happy to be part of this publication with theme "Humans, made for Art". It is always a pleasure to work and create when you have some directions but still a lot of trust and freedom from your collaborators. Thanks to balance between those two we are able to create images that we're proud of.

We have worked on that photo shoot in collaboration with talented polish makeup artist Marianna Yurkiewicz. We brain storm about ideas and as it was just the time when Paris fashion week was finished it was just natural to draw from this event. Three of us felt in love with offbeat and remarkable collection of Maison Margiela and when we combine it with my recent obsession with yarn craft and this is what we put together as a moodboard for this shoot:  


Our references are always pretty loose. We knew that the theme for the next issue of OOB gonna be "humans, made for art". Secondly we were sure that we want to use yarn/cords in makeup. Thirdly I really wanted to use our new deep green background and to have a black model. And we were so lucky because one of the most stunning black models that we know {Ania Charlot} was just visiting Paris! So when we mixed all those ingredients this is what came out!

And here is the story as it appeared in the magazine. Enjoy!



Hello Bunny - Lightroom preset

To celebrate our new activity, newly open blog section. We give you one of our b&w presets for Lightroom. The very own that we used on Hello Bunny! photoshoot. It's a subtle difference from the default b&w in lightroom but it refines b&w pictures giving them a bit more density, emphasizing contrast and those small details make up for a fine final touch. 

Please share with us your results!



Standard conversion


Our preset