Please find some insights from the photo shoot that we did for Fall issue of PSM magazine {}. As always magazine gave us maximum creative freedom and this is when the magic happens. Thank you for your trust !


The idea

The staring point was as always hunger for new images (which most of the artists know) and a beautiful lingerie we got from brand Mise en cage. We knew it needs to be interior shoot because of bondage touch in styling. We were fascinated with those pieces of lingerie full of straps with which model can play in many interesting ways but what was the most exiting were "bunny ears" - a kinky accessory which we decided that it will be our theme for the whole shoot. Besides this - no plans, no expectations.  


The location

As we were on semi holidays in our hometown Szczecin in Poland we had limited options regarding the space. Luckily one of our friends has a beautiful studio in old tenement house. Not the biggest one but full of charm with great taste to interior design and what is most important for us as a photographers with magical natural lightning when a sun comes in at certain hours. We have already shot one story in this location. You can check it here:


Here are some shots of beautiful space that we were working in.

The model

Because of the daring styling we were looking for a model of age, feeling very comfortable with her body. This was "for fun" project,for us, we didn’t have full team on the set so we didn’t have to do a big casting with go-sees to be 100% sure.We could just follow our intuition and the one model who caught our attention was: Sandra - Beautiful bombshell body, appealing face and mesmerizing bright eyes.


The lighting and equipment

Hail to the natural light! If we can we work with natural light that we have in given space. So we always keep our fingers crossed for good weather forecast and either way we make it work as we go along. And when the sun brights up you’re set. It is all about being present, attentive and following your intuition. Front light, side light, back light, from above – it just a matter of a vision and sometimes features of a model.So we didn't use any lamps just a reflector to bounce the light in some cases when it was necessary
 to add a bit of light to dark shadows.

Photo cameras: Canon 5D Mark III

Lens: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L and Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS II  


The make up and hair

If it is not special and specific beauty photo shoot we rarely we wondering about make up - we like natural look with perfect glossy skin - that's it. So in 90% of cases we just go with it. No more and no less. Sometimes just this look can let you distinguish skilled makeup artist from another. Regarding the hair we  started with a loose, wavy hair. But one it just looked a bit too pretty and “polite” especially with a contrast  to the styling we had. So after few snaps we decided to go with slick hair. First to elicit stronger look and highlight features of our model especially her cheekbones. Secondly more of a conformist matter as the loose hair were more difficult to tame and would get tangled to the headgear. Thirdly: we wanted  to work also with direct sun light and with loose hair it might create some not nice shadows on the face. So we went with slick pulled hair.


Here you can find some technical details of pictures from the photo shoot. As we work only with natural light and in different distances from source of light (in this case windows) camera settings varied for each shot. What we were focusing on was the aperture, which we wanted to have as large as possible to catch the most of light, get soft touch and nice separation of model from the background.

Hope you enjoy this little tour through our photo shoot. If you would like to know more - let us know!